Our Products

Presentation of our flagship products


They are fed in compliance with certification and world standards, they live in strong currents and deep waters guaranteeing their well-being.

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Bluefin Tuna

The formerly exploited bluefin tuna is now properly fished thanks to the creation of a quota that allows for more sustainable and responsible fishing.

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Sea Bream

It lives in waters rich in essential nutrients and is fed according to world standards. It is packed within 60-120 minutes of harvesting.

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And our flagship labelled products


This shrimp, the only one to be certified Label Rouge, is raised in fresh water close to the natural environment for its well-being while respecting marine resources.

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The origin of our products

Together with our fishermen and suppliers, we have drawn up a calendar of arrivals according to the seasonality of the fish, shellfish and crustaceans we sell.